Episode 76: An interview with Nick and Hannah from Squarekicker

In this episode Lacey, Ben, and Matt get to chat with Nick and Hannah about their visual development tool – Squarekicker. Squarekicker helps no-code makers take their Squarespace sites to the next level.

Show Notes

  • 1:07 - What is Squarekicker?
  • 2:28 - How Nick and Hannah got into tech
  • 5:45 - How Nick and Hannah began building for Squarespace
  • 13:52 - Squarekicker’s early marketing efforts
  • 18:00 - What’s the difference between Squarespace and tools like Webflow?
  • 24:45 - What they learned from building Squarekicker
  • 27:30 - Nick has listened to Visual Dev FM
  • 28:27 - Who are the people building with Squarekicker?
  • 31:03 - What Squarespace said and how people have reacted
  • 34:50 - If Hannah and Nick could build anything, it would be...more Squarekicker!
  • 38:24 - Find Hannah and Nick on LinkedIn

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