Episode 36: The End of Elliot

In this episode, we talk about everything new in no-code. Then we dive into the end of Elliot E-Commerce. It's always a bummer when a company or tool calls it quits, especially in the no-code space. Matt had his heart set on using Elliot and so we talk about the timeline and lament the end.

Show Notes

0:22 - Episode Begins

1:12 - Sentiment Analysis built with no-code tools (analyzing Kanye’s announcement to run for president)

2:09 - Tweet about “No-code should be taught in high school”

2:50 - Adam Ceresko’s tweet thread about growing a no-code product

3:56 - Colin Winhall’s tweet about women in no-code

4:29 - Finsweet’s Class Adder

4:35 - Joe Krug’s f’in sweet interview with us :-)

6:20 - Ben shared all his no-code snippets, and talks about “Github for No-Code”

13:44 - Carrd Custom Templates now exist!

15:09 - ClickUp raised $35M from Craft Ventures

17:25 - The End of Elliot

19:04 - The Timeline, Condensed

22:15 - The Timeline, Expanded

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