Episode 1: Building a Blog with No Code (Pt. 1)

In this, the very first episode of the Visual Developers Podcast, we talk about our goals for this show and our site. We also talk about what goes into building a good blog and how to build a great one without using code.

Show Notes

  • 0:24 - Intros - who are the hosts (Matt Varughese & Ben Parker)
  • 3:30 - Who is this podcast for?
  • 4:45 - Listening to people talk about Visual Development?
  • 5:30 - Intro and what's available now?
  • 8:50 - YT video referenced (Quick How To Build a Blog Overview)
  • 11:25 - The Wordpress Theme Conundrum
  • 13:50 - Taking a content-first perspective
  • 15:25 - That instant feedback
  • 17:30 - The blazing speed of nocode
  • 20:00 - Security and Wordpress
  • 24:00 - Ease of Use Re: Webflow CMS
  • 28:00 - Telling your story with Webflow
  • 31:00 - But, isn't Wordpress the Standard?
  • 34:00 - What's coming in the next episodes?

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